Family Cars

So, what is a typical family car? There isn’t one, families come in all shapes and sizes, and so do family cars. What’s your budget for a car, how many children do you have and what do you use the car for? Trips to outdoor events, weekends away camping weekends, visiting friends and relatives short or long distance. All of these questions mean that it can be hard to know which family car is right for you.

Whether you’ve got a small family are city based and need a small fiesta sized run around – small parking spaces or the lack of can be a nightmare or do you live in the country and a robust 4 wheel drive. Do you regularly carry three children and some of their friends, and need a 7 seater? Whatever you choose you will be looking for an easy to drive, practical car with low running costs, something that can take the treatment that children can dish out.

We have a range of vehicles that we hope will tick most boxes.