When buying from us please remember an important benefit to you is that we usually include 6 months warranty with our cars, this increases our costs.

We believe that we offer better value for money than other dealers because we include Free of Charge a warranty, unlike other dealers we DO NOT try an upsell you as soon as you get here.

With our cars you know what your getting, exceptions where a warranty may not be available may include excessive mileage or age, ex-police, MOD, fire, ambulance, driving school etc., we don’t know why the warranty companies won’t offer a warranty on those vehicles which will have had regular servicing but we must comply with the warranty companies instructions.

Wherever we are unable to offer a warranty inclusive deal we will make you aware.

We are pleased to offer warranties through Warranty Wise please visit their website for further details https://www.warrantywise.co.uk

Our standard warranty is for 6 months but many customers choose to extend this to 12 months or even longer, costs vary depending on the vehicle so please ask for further details relating to your vehicle.