Who are Red Kite Motors?

We are a family business, owned by myself Paul Nicholson.

I have to say thanks to my dear departed dad for getting me into cars, dad, Edward (known as Nick) after leaving the Royal Navy started a career in the motor trade.

As kids we had the joy of never knowing what dad would bring home next, I can remember fighting brothers for a ride in an early Messerschmitt bubble car, not being allowed in a Rolls Royce, because I had measles and wasn’t allowed out. A true A-Z of cars, Austin A40’s, various Fords from Escorts to Capri’s and Zephyrs, Hillman Imps, Volkswagen campers and Beetles (dad’s favourite), Wolseley 1660 through to Zodiacs and many more.

Dad worked in the 1950’s for Godfrey Davis in Wembley, Perrys Motor Group and others before venturing out on his own specialising in family cars, but if something took his eye he would “give it a go”. Whilst continuing with “local” sales Nick went onto importing from Belgium and exporting cars, light commercial vehicles and spare parts to the Sudan in the early 1970’s. What a father, mentor and entrepreneur Nick was.

As a child I had a lifetime of visiting car dealerships where dad had worked or had business relationships, school holidays at car auctions; whilst other parents took their kids to football, cricket or rugby, I went with my dad and brothers to car shows, Beaulieu Motor Museum (www.beaulieu.co.uk ), Earls Court London Motor Show, auctions and anything car related.

In the mid ‘70’s years I went to Perth Western Australia with my mum on a £10 assisted passage, left school and worked at a Holden Dealership moving onto something far more interesting a Willys Jeep dealership that had a large stock of new and early Willys Jeeps, worth very little then and worth very good money now. I returned to the U.K in the ‘80’s started a family and worked for Volvo and Saab dealerships for many years before moving into a different industry – office equipment. I then returned to cars and recently set up Red Kite to return to what something I find interesting, that means interested not passionate; I cannot tell you how many passionate buyers will tell me the BHP of individual makes and models, me I wouldn’t have a clue. My criteria is “Is it in good condition mechanically and bodily for its year and will it be trouble free motoring?”.

With the market place becoming more digital, there are many people offering on social media many options and only you can decide on how much risk you are happy to take.

I believe that buy buying from Red Kite Motors, we take a huge part of that risk away. We do not chase sales targets that large dealerships do and are not panicking for the next profit to pay bills that many smaller dealers do. We offer a relaxed no pressure opportunity to make the right choice. Currently, we do not have a showroom, we have all main dealer facilities of finance facilities and take trade ins but keep our overheads down and sell from home which gives you the benefit of better pricing.

We don’t just “Sell Cars” we offer “Peace of Mind”